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Monday, February 05, 2007

exotic travel

Back when I worked in a large office with lots of fellow employees, one source of amusement and wonder during this time of the year was to see the screen savers others had placed on their computers. When the local weather was treating us poorly, I would always happen to catch glimpses of beautiful crystal clear blue ocean beaches, lush green rain forests, and exotic travel destinations on my coworkers' terminals.

Now that I work at home, I have to do my own searching now and then for unique travel photos to keep my spirits up when the local outdoors are frozen. I never liked loading those "screen saver" subscription applications on my computer though, because they often came with unwanted attachments like adware or spyware.

One site that I recently noticed via PayPerPost was for an Egyptian Travel photo site. Egypt sounds like a mysterious and exotic destination to me, and some of the photos on the site confirm that suspicion. It warms my bones in my current chilly climate to see photos like this in Hurgada Egypt:

Now if I could just figure out what to do with the kids and get someone else to pay for the trip!



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